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T-shirt sizes

Men's T-shirts.
Chest 50cm (19 ¾ inches) 53cm (21 inches) 56cm (22 inches) 60cm (23 ½ inches) 64 cm (25 ¼ inches)
Height 68 cm (26 ¾ inches) 70 cm (27 ½ inches) 72cm (28 ¼ inches) 74 cm (29¼ inches) 76 cm (30 inches)

Women's standard T-shirts (Earth Positive EP02).
  S M L XL
Chest 44.5cm (17 ½ inches) 47cm (18 ½ inches) 49.5cm (19 ½ inches) 52cm (20 ½ inches)
Height 64cm (25 ¼ inches) 65cm (25 ½ inches) 66cm (26 ¼ inches) 67cm (26 ½ inches)

Women's slim fit T-shirts (Earth Positive EP04, American Apparel and Royal Apparel).
  S M L XL
Chest 39cm (15 ¼ inches) 42cm (16 ½ inches) 45cm (17 ¾ inches) 48cm (19 inches)
Height 65cm (25 ½ inches) 66cm (26 inches) 67cm (26 ½ inches) 68cm (26 ¾ inches)

How do you check your size? Get your favorite T-shirt, lay it on a flat surface and measure the width across the chest (from armpit to armpit). Double it. So for example, if your T-shirt measures 21 inches from armpit to armpit, you should double it to 42 inches. Check the table above. In our example a 42 inch measurement would equate to a men's large. Remember the measurements above are the measurements of the shirts themselves (not the person who wears them).

Sizes are approximate - there may be slight variations between shirts.

These t-shirts run slightly smaller than other brands like Hanes, Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, etc. If you are usually between sizes I would recommend choosing the larger of the two options.

Washing instructions: Wash warm (30C/86F), do not bleach, dry low. DO NOT IRON THE PRINTED AREA! Most shirts can shrink very slightly after their first wash.