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Here are some T-shirts about planet Earth, cycling and dinosaurs. The T-shirts are fair trade and made of organically produced cotton where specified. All shirts are screen-printed using environmentally friendly inks.
All shirts now 17.

human being organic cotton t-shirt Last Fish fair trade T-shirt bicycle fish fair trade t-shirt bycatch is ecocide t-shirt SUV mountainbike t-shirt (dark red) unity t-shirt there is no planet B fair trade T-shirt Mother Earth Bison Skull T-shirt global warning fair trade organic t-shirt Bicycle T-shirt (eggplant) illegal immigration fair trade t-shirt stop shark finning fair trade T-shirt (black) stop shark finning fair trade t-shirt (white) fair trade organic bicycle t-shirt science dept t-shirt dinosaurs against creationism t-shirt only sheep need a shepherd fair trade T-shirt frog fair trade t-shirt SOS Earth organic fair trade T-shirt war is peace fair trade T-shirt

If you like these T-shirts you can also find them (and many more) at BanT-shirts.com (shipping from the USA). We specialise in environmental T-shirts and political T-shirts. Most are made of organic cotton.